iPad Tutorial – Education at its Best


iPad tutorials as a means of an instrument for training is fast taking conventional practices in totally new directions, especially in the education and instruction context, for example providing interactive lessons and giving freedom from having the burden of carrying heavy bags full of textbooks.


Small Beginnings


The Apple iPad continues to dominate the market.  The Pew Research Center [www.pewinternet.org] reports that close to 25% of American adults own tablets and of these, 52% are using their prestigious Apple iPads to access the Apple iOS platform using its ultra-fast wireless.


Apple recently launched tablets which use the much enhanced iOS 6 platform to deliver increasing improvements in technology.  iPad owners are desperate to own these new tablets with their advanced technology, not just to experience and enjoy the functionality, but also to be able to join the iPad fan club.


No one can avoid noticing how much tablet technology is changing the world and its ever increasing thirst for music, films, news, information and communication while travelling.  These easy to use, low cost devises are becoming predominant and individuals are being presented with new opportunities to change conventional practices and succeed in their own environment. 


Edification Means

Technology advances are also leading to changes to the traditional ways of instruction and education.  The advances delivered by iPad tutorials are quickly being adopted in schools and colleges by both teachers and students, leading to an enhanced and enriched way of engaging students and challenging the traditional approach to learning.  The introduction and use of iPads are having a dramatic impact on the student demand for access for information, with research, facts and learning being increasingly sourced from the World Wide Web. 


Increasingly, schools are issuing Apple i-Pads to enable students to access interactive course lesson plans in order to prepare and complete the coursework which the teacher shares with the whole class by projecting from the devise.  Additionally, these devises replace not just the classic textbook, but also the note pad and pen by enabling the student to record notes electronically and undertake research during the class.  All this can be backed up securely through the i-Cloud, perhaps heralding a ‘paperless’ environment in education.  Students will finally be able to shrug off the load of carrying numerous heavy textbooks from lesson to lesson and be able to rely on a small, light devise!


Novelty Adaption


Technological advances have led to the iPad moving from being regarded as a novelty to becoming a highly valued aid to teaching and learning; it has been implemented in an innovative way to become fully integrated into teachers’ tutorial and lesson plans. 


I-Pads can be adapted to suit student and classroom type and teaching methods, enabling both students and teachers to realize the benefits delivered by this technology.  Teaching applications, technological power and learning management systems (LMS) have been powerfully combined to provide a platform for improved educations experience and outcomes.


You never know interactive lessons combined with freedom from carrying heavy bags full of textbooks may be good for everyone!


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