New iPad Tips – take care!


TheApple iPad is a truly integrated system encompassing the device, the iOS operating system, and its many functional applications.  Nevertheless this hi-tech tablet requires a little tender-loving-care and may at some stage need some setup or technical support and hardware repair!  Here are a few tips and hints.


Apple’s Care Plan

Every iPad comes with a complimentary product coverage that’s automatically included by Apple comprising the standard 1-year limited warranty with 90-days complimentary telephone technical support.


However, there is also an AppleCare Protection Plan which you can purchase on a per product basis.  This plan is sold on a per product basis, so if you have two or more products like the iPad Nano and an iPhone a separate protection plan is required for each product.  The Plan provides integrated support and service for your product for an additional 2 years once your complimentary product coverage has ceased.  This would provide a total coverage for your device of 3 years from your iPad purchase date.


Any iPad can be covered under the AppleCare Plan, provided the additional coverage is purchased during the complimentary 1 year warranty period.


General Maintenance


Caring for an iPad is similar to caring any other electronic portable device.  This requires basic elements of care and cleaning.   These tablets are like computers and are comparatively delicate.  They do not react well to any moisture, temperature extremes, or excessive force.


It is essential to keep your tablet in top condition.  The tips below can help you ensure this:

  • Turn off the device
  • Always unplug all cables and disconnect any accessories or docking station
  • Do not use window or other cleaning solutions or solvents as these will permanently damage it.
  • Avoid getting moisture into any connection ports and apertures
  • Only use a soft, clean, slightly damp, lint-free cloth to gently wipe it down without scrubbing.  Use a circular motion and avoid any dirt, or dust on the cloth
  • Gently wipe of any fingerprints, as the screen has been designed to repel oil
  • Screen protectors have been designed to fit your device perfectly.  Use these protectors to protect the screen from any dust or scratches
  • Clean carefully and frequently to help keep your device immaculate and help maintain its value over time
  • Never leave it in the sun or very warm areas like inside a hot car.  Doing this will cause distortion and damage the battery.  The device will stop functioning if the temperature rises above 95F degrees
  • Never leave it in very cold areas.  Do not let the device get below 32F degrees as this will damage the battery
  • Never leave it in damp areas like steamy bathrooms.  If it does get wet, turn it off immediately and allow it to dry thoroughly before switching the device on.  Do not attempt to use a hair dryer to dry the device.
  • Once a month, ensure you fully charge the battery and then run it down completely.  This will help achieve the longest life for your battery.
  • Purchase a cover to help provide good solid protection for your device; they look great and come with various features and functions.


Get More Value


After having invested in this hi-tech device, it makes sense to get the maximum value out of your investment by getting full understanding and use of its capability and functions.  If you are serious about getting the most out of your iPad, be sure to check out the Resource Section for more information.


Understanding how best to use and make the most of your iOS tablet will ensure that you can use it effectively for many years.


Apple continues to inspire, so looking after your iPad will put you on the road to a SMART new future!


Your iPad requires tender-loving-care and Apple’s iPad Care one-stop support and service will take care of the future!


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