New iPad – touch in for exhilarating FUN!

New iPad – touch in for exhilarating FUN!

27/10/2012 17:49


Recent advanced in technology has inspired organizations like Apple in their quest to develop and create new markets and products, least of which iOS 6 iPad innovations, which is taking owners in SMART new directions and facilitating new ways to have fun, especially when you know how!


Enabling Trends


The rapid technology advancement is often quoted as Moore's law describes a driving force of technological and social change doubles approximately every 18 months to 2-years.  This exponential improvement has incredibly and dramatically enhanced the impact of digital electronics in nearly every segment of our world’s economy.


Our methods of communication have been dramatically changed over the last few years, with the introduction of technology produced by companies such as Apple.  The introduction of the super slim iPad, with a wide range and variety of functions and apps which are now hosted on the new Apple iOS 6 platform.  Additional new features and products such as the iPad Siri with its smart intelligence and the smaller iPad mini or iPad Air are continuing the advancement.



No organization can be perfect, but Apple continues to strive for perfection in the products it produces.  It ensures that there is constant improvement in the products and features produced, as well as a continuum of improved technology.  This is evidenced by the new sleek design of the iPad and the introduction of products and features which are proving to be ideal for the corporate market. 


In order to increase its market share of the corporate market, Apple has been focusing efforts on features which will appeal to this market.  The delivery of the new platform and the multimedia apps which guarantee the security of the device and efficiency of the operating system all go to prove the device to corporates.


This focus is paying off and statistics are proving that business enterprises are increasingly turning to the tablet market as a product of choice for employees.  Some corporates have introduced schemes which permit employees to use or bring their own device (dubbed BYO) to reduce corporate costs.  It also enables employees to select their product of choice.


Self-fulfilling Prophecy


The growth of this market has exceeded all expectations.  In a report written by Jeff Garnet, Managing Editor at, it is stated that 94% of Fortune 500 companies are either testing or have deployed multimedia tables, of which 70% are iPads.  This growth has exceeded all expectations for a product which has only been available for purchase over the last two years.



Continued development of the iPad has led to the introduction of a number of great new features and apps, including: incorporation of Facebook; Passbook and a new Maps app and Passbook fusion.  The initial success of the device and quick adoption of the tablet by corporations, has led Apple to focus the creativity of their developers onto delivery of innovative apps which are increasingly focused on organizational use.  This should help spearhead Apple’s dominance in the market.


Businesses could be further influenced in decisions to move to tablet adoption as a result of the introduction of the iPad Mini by Apple.  The lower cost of this device could be the final trigger in the decision for organizations considering adopting the feature rich tablets.  Apple launched the Mini to compete in the market against rival products such as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7


The Apple culture is being globally adopted and increasingly Apple owners are not particular about the device, but turn to Apple products because of their innovative iOS platform, great features and apps. 


Apple continues to inspire and drive innovation, meeting major delivery targets to help you drive the way to a SMART new future!


Using your iPad, you can experience a SMART new future!