Top 5 iPad Projects When Home


One of the reasons why iPad continues to be the world’s leading tablet is because of the wide selection of accessories available. Some of these accessories are affordable but are lackluster in quality while the better ones can be pricey.  But if you have some unused materials and time on your hands, you might as well take on an iPad project or two and you could end up with a useful iPad accessory.  Search for iPad lessons covering these top 5 projects if you want to save big and pretty much have a complete set of essential accessories.


1. iPad Cover


Apple’s very own smart covers for the iPad are simply the best if you can afford them.  They use magnets so they securely attach and they also serve as triggers so your iPad screen automatically wakes up the moment you open the cover.  But if you are not contented with the limited color selection or price, you can always make your own by looking for iPad lessons on that.  It is possible to turn cheap notebooks into iPad or iPad Mini covers.  Just remember, you don’t have to follow every single step.  You can apply your own customizations too so you end up with a more unique iPad cover.


2. iPad Casing


iPad covers add some minor protection to the iPad without adding so much thickness.  But if you are traveling, your iPad will be more secure if you place it inside a case.  This should be less complicated because you don’t have to make the case a specific size.  Of course if you are dealing with an iPad Mini, you have to make the iPad casing a bit smaller.  There are even some tutorials that make use of very simple materials like duct tape so you can make a very simple iPad casing.


3. iPad Stand


One of the nice things about the smart cover is the way it transforms into a stand. If you already made a nice iPad cover that doesn’t have any stand functionality, you can still make your own iPad stand with minimal effort.  In fact, you could be done with the project the moment you acquire the required materials.  For instance, buying a business card holder from an office supply store that costs less than a dollar could be enough to serve as an iPad stand.  Just make sure the card holder is sturdy.


4. iPad Dock


iPad docks are like stands because they hold the iPad upright so you can conveniently watch movies or browse websites.  But unlike making an iPad dock, the challenge involves making room for the adapter so you can charge the iPad while it is in standing position.  Just remember that 4th generation iPads and beyond as well as the iPad Mini have a redesigned adapter so be sure you build your dock around those if you happen to own those new products.


5. iPad Stylus


The iPad was never meant for stylus inputs but that didn’t stop people from making their own styluses for drawing applications.  If you have aluminum foil and other materials, you can make a highly inexpensive stylus that should be able to work on the iPad and iPad Mini.